3D Characters & Objects

Including original designs, studio work, and fan works. All modeling and hand-painted textures created by me.

Melia original character sculpt
Sculpt of an original character

Ally sculpt
Sculpt of Mandi's character Ally from her Famicase Exhibition design ( famicase.com )

Sculpt of Lis from 'Seconds'
Sculpt of the character Lis from Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novel "Seconds"

Turnaround of Kuchlein's Witch
Freelance low poly model of Kuchlein's witch character

Til Morning's Light - Crowes

Til Morning's Light - Creeper

Til Morning's Light - Charm Girl

Til Morning's Light - Keaton

Til Morning's Light - Shopkeeper

Til Morning's Light - Lexi

Commission of a space girl

Commission of a bat girl

Fiend from Juniper's Knot


Original environment design for a client. Click thumbnails below for renders with character.

Hocu Spocus, merchant girl
Original character design for a freelance client

Umbrella Renoir - Alex Ahad
Original character © Reverge Labs / Alex Ahad

Cat Madotsuki - kikiyama
Original character © Kikiyama

Low Poly Knight Girl
Original character design for a college project